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Advanced Energy Systems

At Solar Engineers we deliver solar energy solutions that meet your needs and provide value for life. Whether you are looking for remote off-grid or micro-grid, grid-tied or back-up energy systems, our turn-key energy solutions give you lasting value. We design, engineer and integrate renewable energy solutions that help business, industry and communities take charge of their energy and financial futures. Interested in seeing some of our testimonials? Click the button below!

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Independant Efficiency with Solar Solutions
Regeneration with Solar Solutions
Energy Efficiency with Solar Solutions

Take charge of your energy needs for life with Advanced and Regionally Optimized Energy Solutions.

Tired of ever-increasing utility bills? Are you looking for a good investment with predictable returns? Good design and engineering, high quality products that perform predictably and experience combine for an investment in your financial future. What if there was a simple solution that was easy to implement, not only reducing or eliminating ongoing overhead expenses, but one that actually preserves the future of your family, business or community? Investing in a Solar Engineers Energy System delivers exceptional value. What are you waiting for? With Manitoba’s new incentive program, the time is right!

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Solar Energy connects sustainable and freely accessible energy to your modern life.

What if you didn’t have to change? What if there was a simple system that could be implemented that not only made all the difference in your financial overhead, but actually preserved the future of you company, family or corporation? Solar Energy is the future. Investing in solar panels delivers you tremendous value. So what are you waiting for?

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The World of Solar Energy

Solar energy technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the last thirty years, becoming more affordable than ever. Imagine never having to pay another electricity bill again! By harnessing the sun’s energy and converting it to electricity, you can offset your business electricity costs for life. Consider becoming your own electric utility company! Call us at 204-632-5554 to find out more.

The Solar Engineers Advantage

Are you looking for value and good return on investment? Then you’ve come to the right place

Here at Solar Engineers we are committed to delivering value through energy solutions designed to last. Making the world a better place, one solar project at a time.

In a competitive marketplace with a wide range of technological products to choose from, how do you determine the solution that’s right for your business or industry? As industry leaders & technology experts, our renewable energy Engineers give you the confidence you need to invest in your energy future.

Unmatched business reputation, technical knowledge and expertise from over 30 years of industry and technology leadership. A wide selection of quality products and components. Together deliverexceptional value you won’t find anywhere else.

Looking for a solution to remote, stand-alone or back-up energy needs? Or are you just wanting to reduce that electricity bill? Whether designing for electrical needs or an asset investment, our energy Engineers are engineered for you and your project goals. Experience the Solar Engineers Advantage of Exceptional Value.

Ever increasing electricity costs and multiple economies of scale experienced by the solar industry, make switching to renewable energy better than ever. Some of our customers save thousands of dollars every year by simply switching to our Advanced Energy Systems, giving their project the edge to generate and save even more.

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